Dr. V's Holistic Journey

Dr. V is an alumni of University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation Services.  After graduating she worked for several years in pharmaceutical sales which eventually led her to become a Mental Health Case Manager.  It was during her tenure working as a case manager, when she decided that this profession did not rest well with her beliefs.  So in 2000 she enrolled in a Chiropractic College and during her training in Radiology, the Radiologist inadvertently discovered gallstones in her body. Under the impression she was as healthy as can be, questions of how the gallstones might have formed, why they develop, and what roads could be taken to eliminate them consumed her. After thorough research, she learned what contributed to the development of gallstones (improper functioning of a certain hormone and excessive cholesterol) and how she could heal her self naturally without the aid of pharmaceutical medicine or surgery!  She completed a colon, kidney, liver, and spleen cleanse to flush her gallstones and never looked back.
Upon graduating from Texas Chiropractic College, she worked in a health food store where she learned a tremendous amount of information about herbs and vegan/vegetarian diet/lifestyle.  This only added to her existing knowledge on vitamins and minerals she studyed while attending Chiropractic College.  Wanting to pursue a position in her field of study, her journey manifested after she accepted a position in Ghana, West Africa.  There she worked alongside an acclaimed chiropractor that introduced her to the art of healing through chiropractic practice.  Together they diagnosed and treated many patients suffering from various symptoms who otherwise might not have been seen had she remained in the United States.  While working in Ghana, her gallbladder became inflamed and full of gallstones once again, but this time was more severe because she experienced excruciating pain!a She could no longer sleep or find ways to cope with the unbearable pain.  A friend of hers who was a Historian begged her to see an herbal doctor.  She found a herbal clinic and was given various herbs in both capsule and liquid form, along with an amazing ointment to rub on her abdomen. In just two days she felt like herself again with NO MORE PAIN! Gallstones GONE! She became and remains a true believer of herbal medicine.  Her commitment culminated in her, acquiring her Natural Health and Wellness Certification, which allowed her to learn more about natural remedies.
She believes that everything happens for a reason, even though we may not know why at the moment. Now she sees the pathway to her journey. She accepts everything that brought her to this place.  At times it was a challenge, but nothing she could not handle.  Her mother and grandmother prepared her early on in life for this walk.  She was brought up eating from the garden and farm-raised animals, and using natural home remedies because her parents would not take her to the doctors for just anything; she had to be seriously ill, although she wasn't ill often.  Growing up, her family ate fairly well except for the “Soul Food” that the majority of Southerners eat.  Once she became an adult, she changed some of her eating habits to eating healthier prepared vegetables and decreasing the amount of fried foods.  When she was introduced to veganism/vegetarianism at the health food store, she realized that her eating habits were still not up to par.  She then became a vegetarian and was vegan for a year.  She enjoys them both but more so, she a Pescatarian.
When it comes to changing your diet and exercising more, change your state of mind and have more of a positive spirit. You can’t have one without the other to be balanced.  It is a Beautiful thing! Now she wants to help others live a healthier lifestyle.