Mission Statement

Our sole purpose is to transform minds and bodies back in to optimal shape and condition. To the process we promote education and the importance of being whole. We believe, once the body heals itself internally, the external part becomes awakened and confident. Holistic Essentials does not renounce medication, but chooses a natural alternative as a preferred method of treatment.  The befitting FIG TREE represents the good of the natural; the branch is the affection of this; and the leaves are truths. The tree with all of its parts symbolizes the whole person being of good which deserves the best of you… H.E. believes Love is the source of you, so love yourself enough to put your health in front of you.
Vision Statement

Our main objective is to promote our teaching and way of life to a global scale. We strongly feel that educating the community is excellent but to educate the masses on how to live in love, health, and peace should be the omega. HE plans to bring herbs/supplements to the forefront as a “go to” instead of pharmaceuticals being first choice. People should not have to worry about taking a pill to fix the pain and then subsequently suffer from another ailment triggered by the same pill that was meant to help. Who wants to worry about side effects that could ulyimately result in death? No one who values what is ingested and digested in the body. HE plans manifest a holistic facility similar to that of a hospital where people can stay and allow the body to heal itself with the help of holistic, homeopathic and naturopathic care. Instead of being surrounded by glum, the facility will be full of positive, loving, healing energy with color and fragrances of essential oils.

Services Provided

  1. DIET
  3. FOOD